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The UAE is the world’s greatest shopping destination. But it’s hard to enjoy the shops when you’re worried about how to get them to your home country. By taking the stress out of the shipping, Store2Door is making UAE shopping fun again. There is no need to carry your purchases through the mall or back to your apartment. And you don’t need to go in search of a courier company. We’ll collect from different stores, consolidate all your shopping into a single package, and send it anywhere you need it to go – so perhaps it’s time to splurge at one of the UAE’s legendary sales.

This is the complete hands-free solution in the world’s favourite shopping destination. When sending goods back home you don’t usually need the expedited speed of air freight always. Store2Door offers a complete choice of shipping options, so you can save money by sending your packages as per your urgency and budget. It’s an alternative solution trusted by UAE residents from countries all over the world.