Frequently asked questions


Q) What is Store2Door Cargo LLC?

We are a freight company that caters to customers such as tourists, expats, students etc. to deliver their personal cargo internationally and locally.

Q) Where is it located?

We are based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Q) What are your office working days and hours?

We are open from Sundays through Thursdays from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm and on Saturdays 09.00 am to 01.00 pm

Q) Who can use Store2Door?

Any individual or company who has a personal package to be sent from the U.A.E to any part of the world or even within the U.A.E. can use Store2Door.

Q) I’ve never heard of Store2Door, can you be trusted?

We are trusted freight partner for many top retail groups and big brands in the country. You may ask for our reference.

Q) Can I use Store2Door for a holiday?

Yes. We can arrange delivery of your goods to your holiday destination.

Q) Is Store2Door only for students/golfers/ musicians etc?

No. It is for everybody who would like to ship their package anywhere in the world.

Q) How can you be contacted?

We can be contacted at 04-4468444 and you can also send us an email at

USPs of Store2Door

Q) What are the shipping modes you provide?

We provide multiple modes of shipping option to the customer. Based on the urgency and cost effectiveness, a customer can opt for any mode – sea, air, courier or land.

Q) How can I get the quotation?

You can find live rates instantly on our website with all the options to the selected destination. You can also send us an email for customized quote at

Q) How soon can I get the rates?

The rates are available on our website and you can access it anytime anywhere.

Q) Can you collect my packages from various locations?

Yes, we can collect your packages from multiple locations. Be it stores, your home or your office.

Q) Do you consolidate packages picked up from various locations/stores?

Yes. We collect all the packages, consolidate and can send it as one shipment.

Q) Do you only provide the freight charges?

We provide overall solution for all your shipping needs. We have “ADD ON” features like • Packing - To ensure your cargo can withstand the transit phase. • Insurance - To cover uncertainties, unforeseen and uncontrollable situations. • Warehousing facility - To store your packages in our Dubai warehouse.

Q) Are there restrictions on the size or the number of packages?

There is absolutely no restriction on the number of packages. The size of the package allowed to ship would depend upon the mode selected and the carrier’s acceptance.

Q) Can I store my bags/packages with you?

We provide 7 calendar days free storage in Dubai for all your cargo. The free time starts from the time the first item under a booking number is stored with us. Thereafter, there will be charges based on the number of days per cbm.

Q) Can I change the mode of shipping after the order is collected?

We are the first company to offer multiple modes of shipping to individuals online. This allows us to give you the flexibility to choose your mode of shipment, destination, split your existing order as many times as you want to. All you have to do is, call us at 04-4468444 during the business days or write to us at . The rates will be revised accordingly. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to call us at 04-4468444 during the working hours.


Q) Can I store my bags/packages with you?

Yes. There will be storage and handling charges based on the number of days and total cbm.

Q) Can I store any items in the warehouse?

Most general items can be stored. Items declared Dangerous goods by IATA will not be accepted for storage.

Q) Can we store liquids and foods Items?

Since we do not accept Liquids and Food Items for shipping we do not accept it for storage.


Q) How should I prepare my suitcase or box for transport?

All goods should be packed in export worthy packaging (Cartons/Pallets/Crates), which should be able to sustain the entire length of the travel. Assistance with packing can be provided, if required.

Q) Are the goods specially packed by Store2Door?

If the initial packing of the items is packed appropriately to withstand the transit, then we do not recommend any additional packing. However, upon receiving it in the warehouse, if we determine the packaging is not air or sea worthy then we intimate you. The charges are available on our website.

Q) What are the types of packaging you offer?

We do all kinds of packing right from cartons to pallet to crate for regular and fragile items.

Q) What if we don’t want to pay for the additional packing and do it ourselves?

We have a professional team who knows the kind of packing particular items require. If you do not wish to pay additional charges for packing and the carrier accepts the items in its original packing, then we will ship out the package. However, if the packing is found unworthy for sea or air freight mode then it will not be accepted by the carrier till it is appropriately packed. We will inform you and after you approve and pay the additional charges for the packing, we will proceed further.

Q) Who takes the responsibility for the damage in case the goods are not packed properly?

It is the customer's responsibility to pack the goods in export worthy packages. You also need to take care of internal packing. We do offer professional packing as an “Add on” service. You can opt for it on our website by paying the additional charges.

Q) What is internal packing?

Internal packing is creating a cushion for the items to remain safe inside the package during the journey. Even with sturdy packing from outside items can get damaged internally if the internal packing is weak.

Q) Will my packages be opened by anyone?

Yes, we reserve the right to open the packages to check the contents, if we find it necessary. However, the packages could be opened by Customs Officer either at origin or destination or both, if they want to inspect.

Q) Do I have to indicate specifically, in case I want the goods to be handled with care?

Yes. Our team should be notified about any delicate/fragile items. Any fragile items should be packed with proper care.

Q) If the packing was done by Store2Door and the package is found damaged due to which the items were damaged or stolen, will you be responsible for it?

We do professional packing which is good to withstand the journey. However, a package can be damaged or item can be stolen enroute the journey as it moves through multiple hands. Therefore, we recommend you do cargo insurance for any eventualities. We will not be responsible for any damage or stolen items.


Q) What kind of addresses can you collect from and deliver to?

We can collect from stores, warehouses, hotels, hostels, residences etc. and deliver the same to these places at the destination.

Q) Can you collect my packages from various locations?

Yes, we can collect your packages from multiple locations. Be it stores, your home or your office.

Q) Do you consolidate packages picked up from various locations/stores?

Yes. We collect all the packages, consolidate and can send it as one shipment.

Q) What time my collection will take place?

Our customer service representative will contact you to confirm the pick time and location.

Q) Will I receive a call/text before my collection?

Yes. The contact person given for the pick up will be called before the collection.

Q) Can I change my collection date?

Yes. We must be intimated about the change by mail or phone before the collection is arranged.

Q) Can I change my collection name, collection address or telephone number?

Yes. You may change the collection address before the collection is arranged.

Q) What if I miss the pick up?

You will need to call us again to rebook the pickup and it may incur additional charges.

Q) Do you collect from university dorm rooms?

Yes. We do pick up from the university dorm rooms.

Q) Do you collect on weekends or Bank Holidays?

We do not collect on the weekends and on Bank Holidays; however, we can make an exception on case to case basis. Additional charges may apply.

Q) Are collection time slots available?

Usually the collection times will be between 9 am to 6 pm (Saturdays through Thursdays)

Q) Do you offer same day collections?

Yes. We can arrange same day collection on a working day; however, we need to be informed before 4:00 pm same day. There will be additional charges for express/same day pick up.

Q) Can I update my collection time slot?

Yes. It should be done a day before collection.

Q) My address is difficult to find and is not very accessible, can I provide additional access information?

Yes. You may call our helpline and provide the details.

Q) Can you collect from a business address?

Yes. We can collect from a business address.

Q) Can I drop my bag off?

Yes. You can drop off the packages at our warehouse.

Q) Do I need to be present when my bag is collected?

No. It is not required for you to be present when your bag is collected.

Q) What if I need to go out on the collection day?

You may change the date of collection a day before or leave the package with someone for us to collect.


Q) What payment methods do you accept?

You can make the payment online on our website. We accept debit card, credit card and cash as well. You may also transfer the payment directly to our bank account or deposit cash into our account.

Q) How do I make an outstanding payment?

You can make the payment online on our website by a credit card or a debit card. We accept all cards. We can also accept payment in cash.

Q) When do I have to pay for the shipping?

You can pay at the time of placing the booking which will be considered as an advance payment. If you haven’t made the advance payment, then we need you to make the payment in full once our invoice is raised.

Q) Do you hold credit card details?

No. We do not hold any credit card details.

Q) Why has my card been declined?

You will need to check with your bank or your service provider.

Q) Can I pay in cash at the time of delivery?

To safeguard ourselves, as a company policy, we collect the entire payment as soon as the booking is confirmed and then ship your packages.

Q) Can I pay by cheque or cash?

Yes, you may pay by current dated cheque or cash in full. In case of cheque payments, the shipment will be executed only after the cheque has been encashed.

Q) Can I make part payments/installments?

You can make the part payments or advance payments; however, the shipment will be processed and shipped out after the complete payment is received.

Q) In what currency do you accept the payments?

We accept payments only in Dirhams (AED).


Q) How much is the insurance premium?

The acceptance of insurance proposal & Insurance Premium will depend on the value & nature of goods. You may check the charges by going on to the website and entering the value of the Goods.

Q) How much should the package be insured for?

The package should be insured for the present value of the goods + the freight amt.

Q) Do I get the full value back for the damaged goods?

Yes. After the assessment by the insurance company that the value of the damaged goods declared by the customer is correct and not overvalued the full claim amount is settled deducting only the Excess Fee which is currently Aed 500/- for processing the claim.

Q) How do you calculate the insurance premium fee?

A certain percentage is considered based on the invoice value of the goods and the freight cost. Kindly visit our website to know the exact premium for your cargo.

Q) Is it mandatory to take insurance?

Insurance is not mandatory; however, we strongly recommend insuring your goods to have coverage in case of eventualities.

Q) What is the coverage?

Loss/Damage to your goods as per the policy Terms & Conditions.

Q) Can I add the insurance later?

It is ideal to incept coverage prior to commencement of shipment from Store/Origin. However, you can opt for it later but the coverage will be from the commencement date of the policy.

Q) How do I claim for the insurance in case of damage, missing or stolen items?

You can write to us at to register the claim with insurance company with your booking number in the subject and from thereon, we will guide you.

Q) How many days does it take for the insurance to process?

It takes one day to open the claim file. There is no definite time-frame given by the insurance company in which they can complete the investigation. However, once the claim is approved, it takes upto 10-15 days to get the insurance claim amount subject to submission of required documents.

Q) Can insurance replace the damaged item for a new item?

Policy will indemnify for your loss/damage. If the damaged item is at beyond repair conditions and/or not economical to repair, insurance company as per the assessment shall declare it as ‘Total Loss’ at their own discretion and settle the claim.

Q) Do I get the claim money in the account or in cheque?

It can be a cheque or an online transfer.

Q) Where can I find the claim processing form?

Store2Door will provide the claim processing form upon request.

Q) What is the name of the insurance company?

The current insurance company is AXA Insurance Gulf BSC. We will keep you informed in case the insurance company changes in the future.

Q) Is the insurance only for new items or also for used items?

The insurance can be done for both old and new items. The premium; however, will be higher for the old/used items.

Q) Till when is the insurance valid?

The insurance is only valid from the date of issue of policy till it reaches the port of destination/door delivery requested. In door delivery cases, if the shipment has reached the destination port and not collected within 30 days, the policy seizes to exist. Where the customer wants the services only up to the port of destination, the insurance seizes to exist once it reaches the final port.

Q) My contents have been damaged, how do I claim for the damage?

When you receive the goods in damaged condition please put a remark on the delivery note that the shipment has been received in damaged condition while receiving the package and take a picture as proof. You may then contact us and we will guide you through the process of claim.

Q) Is the insurance transferrable?

No. The insurance is not transferrable.

Q) Can I cancel the insurance?

If the insurance policy has been issued, it CANNOT be cancelled.


Q) Is Sea mode the cheapest mode of shipping?

No. For smaller sized items Courier is the fastest and the cheapest option. The next best is Airfreight which are still cheaper than Sea freight for slightly bigger shipments. But Sea frt mode is best for large shipment. But to check which is the fastest or cheapest mode check the rates on Store2door App/Website as it will vary from country to country.

Q) Can the rates mentioned on the website be negotiated?

Our rates are very economical and therefore fixed.

Q) Can I save the quotation and lock the pricing?

You can save the quotation and retrieve it from “My Quotations” section on our website by logging in to your account. However, it is imperative for you to “Re-validate” your quote when you decide to place the booking. In general, the quote is valid for 7 days from the date of initial quotation, if no changes have been made to the cargo details, destination or/and mode of shipment.

Q) I can’t see the rates up to the door delivery?

If you don’t see the rates upto the door then you may write to us at or click on “Customized quote request” on the website.

Q) I want door delivery but find the rates very high?

We have very competitive rates; however, if you find the rates too high for door to door delivery, you can opt for shipping from door to port. At destination, you can do the clearance yourself or appoint a clearing agent on your behalf.

Q) Can I get the quotation in my country’s currency?

We can manually provide the rates in the requested currency of your country; however, the payment must be settled in Dirhams (AED) only.

Q) Besides freight charges, do you also provide quotations for other services?

Yes, besides freight we can quote you for our “Add-On” services such as warehousing, insurance and packing.


Q) What are the documents required?

The standard documents required are a clear scanned copy of your passport, visa page, Emirates ID (U.A.E. nationals & U.A.E. residents only). The mandatory documents will depend upon destination country rules and regulations.

Q) Do you need any documents related to the goods?

We need the copy of the purchase invoice in case of the new items. For household items, a detailed packing list of the items is required.

Q) Do I need to provide my passport copy?

The customs need to relate the goods to you and therefore, a copy of the passport is required as proof.

Q) I do not have the purchase invoice/bill. Can I still send the packages through you?

Please provide us the value of the item and we will prepare the shipping documents accordingly.

Q) How do I submit the documents to you?

You can simply log into your account with Store2Door and upload the required documents from “My Documents” section.

Q) Where can I find my shipping documents (Insurance policy copy, bill of lading, airway bill etc.)?

You can view and download the shipping documents from “My Documents” section of your Store2Door account.


Q) How do I track my order?

You can track the progress of your shipment from our website with the booking reference number.

Q) It’s been more than 24 hours and the status of the shipment hasn’t changed?

Please check your emails for communication from us as all the updates will be sent automatically to your mailing address.

Q) The website is down and I am unable to track the order?

In such instances when our website is down for some upgrade or maintenance purposes, you can send us an email at with your booking reference number in the subject line and we will revert to you with the status.

Q) The tracking shows that my order has been shipped, I want to add a few more items, can you please hold the shipment back?

Once the order has be shipped out, there is no way we can hold it back or modify any of the details. You can simply place a new order with us in case you want to ship more items.


Q) Do customs affect me?

Usually all new items attract duty as per the tariffs in their respective countries. But some countries are more lenient than others and may allow some cargo to be cleared without payment of duty which will be completely at the discretion of the Customs Department.

Q) Do I need to pay Customs Duty and Taxes?

Yes. You need to pay Customs Duty and Taxes at the destination. Usually old and used personal effects are exempted from Duty or a duty discount is given depending upon the country of import, but it will be at the discretion of the customs. New Items will attract customs duty and taxes.

Q) What Information do I need to provide to achieve duty free clearance?

Usually all new items attract duty as per the tariffs in their respective countries. Only household goods that are considered as old and used are exempted from duty.

Q) What is the 'Declared Value for Customs'?

Declared Value for Customs is the correct and fair value of the goods to be declared to customs.

Q) How much customs duty will I need to pay?

Customs Duty will be as per the import tariffs of their respective countries.

Q) How long will custom clearance take at destination?

Usually custom clearance at destination takes 2-3 days. However, it can take more than usual if the customs need additional information or clarification.

Q) Can I send commercial items?

No. Individuals are not allowed to send commercial items.

Q) Why is my shipment still in customs?

If the package has been held back at customs, it could mean customs have some reservations on the value of the goods or the goods itself.

Q) Customs have contacted me directly. What do I do now?

Mostly customs might call you if they need some clarification. If they are satisfied with your reply they will release the shipment or else they will call you to their office for further clarification.

Q) I have received a bill from customs, how do I dispute this?

You will have to approach the customs office and explain to the customs officer with the proof of purchase that the declared value and item are correct.

Q) Why do I need to upload a copy of my flight ticket / passport / work permit /visas?

This is to identify that you are a legal person staying in the destination country and to relate the packages belong to you.

Q) What if I am unable to provide a flight ticket, passport, visa etc.?

If any of the standard and mandatory documents are not provided, then the shipment cannot be shipped.

Q) Whose name needs to appear on the customs paperwork?

The receiver’s name will appear on the custom’s paperwork

Q) Can the shipment be delayed at the customs?

Yes. If the customs officer has some doubts or suspects something wrong, he can hold the shipment for inspection.

Q) Will I have to pay storage charges due to customs delay?

Yes, you will be liable to pay any charges including storage, packing/re-packing charges due to customs inspection.


Q) What can I send? Is there anything I can't send?

Store2Door does not send Dangerous goods/ Perishable Goods / Food Items / Currency/Jewelry, prohibited items at destination country etc. Please refer to the General Prohibited List on our website or App.

Q) Can I send toiletries and other liquids?

Store2Door does not carry toiletries and liquids.

Q) Can I send laundry bags, bin liners or plastic storage boxes?

Yes. You may send the above-mentioned items if these are packed in export worthy packing (Cartons/Pallets/Crates) etc.

Q) Can I send a laptop, TV, phone, printer or other electrical items?

Yes. One battery per unit, ideally fitted into the unit is allowed. Loose batteries are not allowed.

Q) Can I send sports equipment such as a bicycle, skis or golf clubs?

Yes. If the sports equipment are packed in export worthy packing that is acceptable by the carrier.

Q) Can I send food?

No. We do not carry food items or any perishable items.

Q) Can I send musical instruments such as Guitars?

Yes. If the musical instruments are packed in export worthy packing that is acceptable by the carrier.

Q) Can I ship batteries?

No. Only batteries are not allowed.


Q) What kind of addresses can you collect from and deliver to?

We can collect from most places in the U.A.E. and deliver to most parts of the world. The embargo countries/war inflicted countries are avoided.

Q) How do I know when my bag will be out for delivery?

Our team at the destination will be calling you before arranging the delivery.

Q) Can I change my delivery name, delivery address or telephone number?

You may do it before delivery of the shipment so that any difference in billing can be paid before dispatch.

Q) How long it will take for my package to arrive?

The approximate transit time for each service is mentioned in your quotation. The transit times will be subject to no delay in customs and availability of space on the carriers. The delay could happen due to force majeure as well as natural or man-made calamities.

Q) What time will my package be delivered? Will I receive a telephone call?

Yes, you will receive a call before delivery of the package.

Q) What do I do if I miss the delivery driver?

Please call back again to re-arrange the delivery. This may attract additional transportation charges.

Q) Can I re-arrange a failed delivery?

Please call back again to re-arrange the delivery. This may attract additional transportation charges.

Q) It is my estimated delivery date and my package hasn't been delivered?

You may track the status of you booking on our website or you may write to us at

Q) Can someone else sign for my package? Do I have to be there?

We need an authorization email at instructing us to hand over the packages to another person.

Q) Can I change my delivery date?

Yes. You may change the delivery date but there could be storage charges depending on the length of the delay.

Q) Can I collect my cargo?

Yes. You may come to our warehouse and collect the cargo.

Q) Why haven’t all my items been delivered?

If all the items are not delivered, intimate us immediately at and we will investigate why all the items were not delivered.

Q) Can I claim for late delivery?

No. Usually deliveries are on time unless delay due to customs.

Q) My bag is showing as delivered but I haven’t received it?

Please send us an e mail to cross check the status of shipment.

Q) I keep missing my delivery, what can I do?

Please request someone else to receive the delivery on your behalf with an email to us authorizing to deliver or you may come and collect your package from our warehouse at your convenience within the warehouse timings.

Q) Can you hold my package? Do you offer a storage service?

Yes. We can hold your package for long term storage. Please contact us for charges.

Q) What if the driver cannot access my address?

You may provide an alternative address or come and collect the package from our warehouse.

Q) Can I redirect to a different delivery address?

Yes. You may change the final delivery address. If the distance is more than the earlier distance, additional charges will be applicable.


Q) Can I cancel the booking in case I change my mind?

We’d like to know what is it that made you change your mind. If there is a solution to the problem, we can get it fixed right away. If not, you may cancel the order by sending us an email at or call us at 04-4468444 at no cost before the order is collected.

Q) Can I cancel after my order is picked up from the store/home/hostel/office?

Any cancelation post the package has been picked up, can be canceled after settling of cancelation fee which includes transportation & handling charges.

Q) Can I cancel the booking after the export custom clearance is done?

We custom clear the shipment only after you finalize the order and make the payment. If you decide to cancel for any reason after the custom clearance is done, we cannot do it and the shipment will be shipped out.

Q) Can I return the order if I receive it in damaged condition/for repairs?

Returning the damaged item depends on the terms agreed with the store. If you have insured the goods then you must contact the company immediately as opposed to shipping it back. There will be additional shipping cost to return the order and most often it is very expensive.

Q) Do I need to cancel the order if I decide to change the mode of shipment?

If you decide to change the mode of shipment from air to sea or sea to courier etc., you can send us a request on or call us at 04-4468444 for assistance.

Q) If I cancel the order after the payment is done, how will I get the refund?

The refund will be settled as per our cancellation policy. Please go through our Cancellation/Refund Policy on the website for more detailed information.


Q) What is a heavy weight shipment?

Any single piece weighing 50 kgs or above is considered as a heavy weight shipment.

Q) What is the maximum dimensions allowed?

For airfreight shipments the maximum dimensions allowed are 300 cms in length x 250 cms in width x 157 cms in height. If the height exceeds 157 cms, then airlines will charge more.

Q) What to do if I decide to make changes after placing the booking?

You can simply call us during the working hours at 04-4468444 to make the changes or write to us at mentioning the changes you want.

Q) Why is Store2Door asking me to make changes to my booking?

Store2Door will never ask you to make changes to your booking unless it is necessary. For e.g. we may ask you to change the shipping mode from air to sea, if the airline is not able to carry the shipment due to weight / dimensions restrictions or in case of cancellation of any route. In certain cases, we may ask you to opt or change the packing style incase the packages are not suitable for transport. In any of these case we will not make the changes without your authorization.

Q) How is the freight calculated?

The freight is calculated and charged to you based on the actual weight or volume weight whichever is higher. The weight and dimensions taken in our warehouse will be considered as final.

Q) What is volume?

The amount of space that an object occupies is called volume.

Q) What is CBM?

CBM stands for “Cubic meter” which is a measurement of volume. This measurement is calculated by using formula L x W x H meters. In case the dimensions are taken in centimeters then the formula will be L x W x H cms/1000000

Q) When do I use a volume calculator?

A volume calculator has been provided to help you find the volume (Cbm) in case you do not have the volume of the shipment.

Q) Why is calculating Volume important?

Calculating volume is important because all the transport carriers will charge the freight either on volume or weight whichever is higher.

Q) My packages didn’t arrive as per the transit time mentioned on the website? Will you compensate in any way for late delivery?

The transit time mentioned on the website are only estimates. The transit time mentioned are subject to change due to various factors involved in the process of shipping your packages. There may be one or multiple factors causing the shipment to delay which are beyond our control. Hence Store2door will not be responsible for any compensation.