About Us


grew out of the frustrations created by typical holiday shopping. In one of the
world’s greatest shopping destinationsthe UAE – tourists and residents couldn’t enjoy the full shopping experience, simply because they had to stress about getting their purchases back home.

Even when a customer would make enquiries about shipping costs, the stores would take days to respond and the random rates were quoted, losing the customer’s time and interest.

So many questions used to get in the way. How much will the shipping cost? Who will send it and can I trust them? How do I transport my shopping to the shipping company? Store2Door is the single solution to all these challenges. We have developed a system that makes holiday shopping a fully hands-free and fun experience.

Gone are the shopping bags. Gone is the confusion. Instant quotes provide customers with the shipping costs, before they decide to buy. By using multiple cargo operators, customers can choose a shipping route that suits their timeframe and budget. Our vision was to make holiday shopping fun again, in the best place in the world to go shopping.